Dynamic instantiation

An instanced service is a parameterized service that you want to run several copies of, with only the parameter changing. Each copy of the service is called an instance.

With s6, a service directory can only handle one process at a time. So, if we want instanced services, there will have to be one service directory per instance, always.

Static instantiation means that the set of possible instances is finite and known in advance. With s6, it means that all the service directories for all possible instances are created, typically by a preprocessor, and instances are treated like regular services.

Dynamic instantiation means that instances are created on demand instead of preallocated. Starting with version, s6 provides a few tools to help users set up and manage dynamically instanced services.

How to make a dynamically instanced service under s6

Internal workings

This section is not normative; users should not rely on it. It is only here for informational purposes.