The s6-svstat program

s6-svstat prints a short, human-readable or programmatically parsable summary of the state of a process monitored by s6-supervise.


     s6-svstat [ -uwNrpest | -o up,wantedup,normallyup,ready,paused,pid,exitcode,signal,signum,updownsince,readysince,updownfor,readyfor ] [ -n ] servicedir

s6-svstat gives information about the process being monitored at the servicedir service directory, then exits 0.

When s6-svstat is invoked without options, or with only the -n option, it prints a human-readable summary of all the available information on the service. In this case, the -n option instructs it to print a signal number (instead of a signal name) if the supervised process was killed by a signal. The summary includes the following data:

When s6-svstat is invoked with one or several options other than -n, it outputs programmatically parsable information instead. The output is a series of space-separated values, one value per requested field. The valid options are as follows.


Exit codes