The ucspilogd program

ucspilogd acts as a filter, converting syslog facility numbers and alert levels into names.


     ucspilogd [ -d undef ] [ var ... ]


Common use

You can emulate the whole syslogd behaviour by combining the following components:

The resulting suite of programs is still smaller, and way more reliable, than a standard syslogd.

In the examples/syslogd-linux subdirectory of the s6 package, you will find a suitable ucspilogd service directory. The run scripts are written in the execline language.

Using ucspilogd as a klogd replacement

Certain Unix kernels offer a nice interface to the kernel logs. For instance, the Linux kernel provides the /proc/kmsg fake file, that can be opened and read like a normal file, excepts that it gives the kernel logs when they are available and blocks otherwise. You can use ucspilogd to process data from those interfaces.

The examples/klogd-linux subdirectory of the s6 package is a service directory providing such a klogd service for Linux, using the /proc/kmsg interface.